Bruklin i mačke u kontejnerima (Brooklyn and dumpster cats), Vida Davidović

Premiere: May 25th 2021, Bitef theatre Belgrade

Director: Andreja Kargačin

Composer: Dunja Crnjanski

Costume: Mariza Pavlović

Set design: Marina Marković

Organisation: Marija Kalanj, Tamara Vračar


Mitra Mladenović, Ivana Velinović, Anja Ćurčić, Teodor Vinčić, Aleksandar Ranković, Đorđe Nikolić

The themes we were exploring regarded, sexual trauma, the nostalgia for the trauma that occurred in ones life, and the complex relations between trauma, memory and growing up.

We staged the trauma in a deconstructed fairytale setting with elements that could be found in a children’s play (animators, songs, narration) and references to 2010s pop culture, both global and local which shaped our childhood.

The main tool we used to stage trauma is dissociation, both in time (the same characters are on the stage in a “grown up” version and a “child ” version), words (different views of the events on the sides of the survivor of sexual trauma and the perpetrator) and actions.